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Pinnacle Endodontics of Crabapple
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 by Andrew Vondersaar

This place is incredible. I was in a ridiculous amount of pain and Dr. Camba decided to stay longer without me asking to give me a root canal so I wouldn't have to wait another day in pain. The team is all amazing and they even played great tunes while I was getting worked on. Don't even consider researching other Endodontics offices, go here. Overall incredible experience.

 by Tre Smith

After missing my first senior game due to root canal casualties, Melissa offered to squeeze me into Dr. Howard’s schedule and with the magnificent help of Robin, I am feeling great post root-canal

 by Torey

From the monument I got there and was greeted by Tawanna I had an amazing experience, which is generally not the case when you have to go to the dentist, it tends to be pretty painful and scary, but this office was both welcoming and gentle to the senses from the paint scheme to the architecture it had an overwhelming feeling of calm and diagnostic expertise. The doctor that attended to me Dr Connor understood my irrational fear of injections into my mouth and made me feel at ease, with the help of his assistant Sheila, they managed to take my mind off of the situation and by the time I realized it he was already done with the injection, I literally didn't even feel it which was a first. And even during the procedure the back and forth he had with his assistant we're so professional I and even slightly educational, as I didn't understand everything they were saying but again it made me feel at ease that I had two scientists working on me, I've never actually fallen asleep while getting dental work, That's how gentle they were. I can't recommend this facility enough, it really was a top shelf experience. I will definitely be going back when or if I have issues with my smile, Thank you again Dr Connor and team (Sheila)!

 by Joseph Goble

One of the best experiences I've ever had at the dentist! The team were very polite and thorough with any questions I had about my visit. Dr. Camba had exceptional bedside manner and had me through my root canal procedure in 30 minutes. Would highly recommend!

 by Kristian Warpinski

I had my first ever root canal yesterday and despite being terrified, Dr. Howard and his assistant Ronda were amazing throughout. They took the time to explain to me what was wrong and why a RCT was the best option for my tooth. Also, because I’m one of those weirdos who has more fear of the unknown, I wanted to see and know everything they were going to do, and they were patient in answering my dozen or so questions. They knew I was anxious and they lightened my mood immensely with their humor and candor.

As for the actual RCT processes: it wasn’t as bad as I built it up to be in my head. It took me a bit to get numb—through no fault of their own, I just had a stubborn tooth—but they worked diligently to make sure I couldn’t feel a thing before beginning. The procedure was quick and though it was still as comfortable as a root canal can be, their kindness and humor definitely took the edge off. It’s now 24 hours later and I am a bit sore, but that’s not unusual. However, I am resting easy knowing that I was in good hands and my mouth is well on its way to healing.

ANYWAYS, Hopefully I don’t need another RCT for a very long time, but if I do, I won’t hesitate to go back to Pinnacle. Even my general dentist sends her children there, so that definitely says a lot!

 by Andrea Hempel

Dr. John Camba is a great endodontist! Very knowledgeable & personable!

 by Heather Albrechtson

I had an emergency first root canal and was horrified as to what to expect. My experience was amazing....and who says that about root canals?! Thank you, Garrett and Dr. Howard for the thoughtful and thorough explanations throughout the entire process - making me feel comfortable and calm and most importantly, pain free!

 by Bryan Boudreaux

The whole team here is AWESOME. A root canal is never a fun thing but my experience at Pinnacle was as close as you can get! Really enjoyed the music trivia and hearing the guesses...I laughed out loud numerous times during the procedure which I can honestly say has never happed to me before.

 by Dianna Driscoll

Dr. Howard was amazing today! I went To see him this afternoon in pain. He immediately was able to diagnose the problem and save my tooth, even though it was cracked. A painless injection with local anesthesia and he and his assistants Erin and Garrett went right to work. No need to be worried about having a root canal here! It was quick and painless and an amazing experience from the time I arrived until I left! Thanks again for the wonderful care and getting me out of pain!

 by Mike Quinton

My experience with the Pinnacle team and Dr Howard was EXCELLENT! I broke a crown and and a root canal was required. He explained my X-ray, and the procedure. The process was pain free and completed in less than an hour. I received post procedure explanation and instruction sheet with 24 hour phone contact info if needed. GREAT JOB Dr Howard!

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